Using the Care Redesign Guide

How do we use the Care Redesign Guide to best support our redesign efforts?

This guide is built on the experience of over 200 organizations working with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) in the Triple Aim Improvement Community (TAIC) and the Better Health and Lower Costs for Patients with Complex Needs Collaborative (BHLC). This work took place between 2008 to Present.

The Redesign Guide offers a structured approach that can support your organization in redesigning care to achieve better outcomes for patients at lower costs. To do this, it uses quality improvement science and provides guidance from the literature and successful programs.

The Redesign Guide includes six steps to care redesign with people with complex needs and high healthcare costs.
Each module of the Redesign Guide includes the following:
  • A description of why the module is important, how to get started, and a summary of effective implementation methods.
  • There are three sub-pages in each module:
    1. Core recommendations to focus the work of care redesign. These highly-detailed recommendations provide important advice on how to do this work.
    2. Lessons from the field, including guidance, tips, tools, and examples from exemplars in the field and IHI Collaborative teams.
    3. Resources from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the Commonwealth Fund, as well as national exemplars. 

Tips on Using the Care Redesign Guide.

  • Each of the six steps of the Care Redesign Guide is part of a comprehensive process to help your team redesign care. You can work your way through each step or go directly to the content that is most important to your team.
  • Visit the many hyper-linked resources within the guide. They connect you with scientific literature, templates, assessment measures, and much, much more.
  • Make improvement part of your daily work. Bookmark your favorite pages and revisit them as you test out new ideas.